Why Leader Breakthru University?

Spending time developing yourself while trying to fulfill all the responsibilities coming at you—and develop others—is almost an impossible task. In fact, for most of us, it is. And it’s a key reason why few are able to live, lead, and finish well.

LBU Provides access to online classes, trainings and resources designed to help you develop yourself as well as those you lead or coach.

Each course and training module offers an interactive and transformative experience, introducing core personal and leadership development concepts in a reflective, immersive process.

Grace L.

“These courses have helped me to gain personal clarity on my own journey—where I am at and what help I need to move forward. I now have greater clarity and confidence in helping others experience the same breakthrough!”

— Grace L., Coach & Ministry Leader

James W.

“If you are looking for a holistic, God-honoring, development process, look no further than LBU. It is outstanding at developing your strategic skills while leading you deeper in your walk with Christ. As a pastor, I highly recommend it.”

— James W., Lead Pastor

A Special Invitation to LBU

Your personal development is key to your ability to influence others and make your Kingdom contribution. Hear from Leader Breakthru’s founder and president, Dr. Terry B. Walling, on how LBU can help you accomplish both.