Discover your Calling.
Live a focused life.

Following Jesus means living a focused life. But living with passion and purpose in a world that’s constantly competing for your attention is like finding your way through the wilderness without a compass or map. Focused Living can help.

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Alex G., Ministry Leader

“After years in personal transition, I became frustrated by my inability to discover God’s call. Focused Living provided me with the tools to discover God’s direction in my life and now, to lead others to a similar awakening.”

— Alex G., Ministry Leader

Focused Living Can Help:

Provide clarity on how God has been shaping one’s life

Clarify personal values and core convictions in life and ministry

Fuel a greater passion for personal intimacy with Christ

Bring focus to life direction, helping one discern what’s next

Create a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment as a Christ-follower becomes more intentional in their personal calling

Course Overview

This interactive course combines video content with a written guide and reflective exercises, to help you gain new insights, clarity, and develop a Personal Calling Statement—a compass and life direction tool. Clarifying ones calling helps individuals be better equipped to decide their next steps, and to begin to live a more focused and intentional life.