Clarify your unique, Kingdom role.

Apex will help you navigate the many demands of life and ministry by helping you say “no” to the good things you could do, and “yes” to the best things you should do. Clarifying your major role and core methodologies provides a decision-making grid for the future.

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Sonja D.

“There are times when God makes Himself super evident in our pursuit to know His purposes in our life and work. Apex is the vehicle God has used to bring new clarity to my core values, my major role, and my effective methods. I now lead with greater intentionality, confidence, and impact!”

— Sonja D., Speaker, Trainer & Women’s Ministries Coach

Apex Can Help:

Provide clarity one one’s unique,
Kingdom contribution

Identify one’s major role

Identify the core functions/methods used to make a unique impact

One make their best contribution in all the domains of their life

Develop a decision-making grid to help one navigate the second-half of their journey

Course Overview

This interactive course combines video content with a written guide and reflective exercises, to help you uncover your unique contribution in the expansion of Christ’s Kingdom. Apex facilitates the journey that all leaders must go through from calling to contribution. It focuses on going deeper with Christ, in order to go wider for Christ.